Auto Detailing Appointment Software

The car wash and auto detailing industry is the 15th largest Other services industry in the USA, with a whopping $14.7B in revenue in 2022 alone. 


Due to its rapid growth and expansion opportunities, there are too many car detailing businesses to pick from. So, existing companies must implement all techniques that could help them scale their business, such as an auto detailing appointment software.


First time hearing of such a software? Let’s see what makes this software so convenient for car detailing business owners.

24/7 Online Booking Availability

First and foremost, an effective auto detailing business must be reachable at all times. And when you can’t do it all yourself–a software can schedule everything for you and help you stay on top of your CRM metrics. 

Self Scheduling 

Customers must have the option to choose from multiple open dates in your schedule. This is why they’re using an online appointment service in the first place – to fit it into their time schedule

Online Payments

The main reason for using a CRM in any business is effortless billing and invoicing. An effective auto detailing appointment software should also contain a built-in billing system for no-show and late cancellation charges for insolvent customers, who were reminded and accepted in a timely manner. 

Automated Reminders and Confirmation Emails

Who doesn’t forget appointments? An effective auto detailing appointment software has automated reminders that never bother the customer and only notify them the day of the appointment or whenever they wish.

Top-Notch Customer Support

A customer support that’s available every day during (at least) working hours is most desirable when discussing auto detailing appointment software. It shows you care enough to always be within reach.

Mathematically Precise Location Service 

Since you’re in the automotive business, it only makes sense you’d be able to track locations correctly. A software with a mathematically accurate location navigator will bring more clientele to your door.

Urable: We’re Here For You

Do you require a reliable software to scale your business and bump up your annual revenue? Urable can help! 


US-made, Urable is the first choice Americans make when it comes to car detailing appointment software. Our motto is “integrity, honesty and strong community service”, and our customers always take priority. 


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