Some people naturally aspire to be leaders, while others become leaders through good deeds and longevity. Barry has done it all in the detailing industry, and because of that heritage, has ascended to a leadership position in the industry. But in his words, he’d rather be recognized “more as a servant of the industry versus a leader within it.” That quiet and giving philosophy is also how he runs SB3 with his business partner Scott Ward. They are the “quiet” brand that let’s their products do the talking versus the typical overhype campaign that is so pervasive in today’s social media madness.


A lot of people aspire to do more but it is the rare few that make the leap from being a detailer to creating and leading an international brand. Some of the skills needed were acquired in non traditional ways that you’ll hear about in Part 2 of Barry’s story!


Enjoy getting to know Barry and take note of the many pearls he shares.


Part 1


Part 2