Michael Abens was recently featured on Forbes and talked about what it means to run a family business and the impact Urable has had on so many lives. You can read the full story on Forbes.com here. Below is a snippet of the article.


Michael Abens is the owner and CEO of Urable, which is an application designed for automotive businesses that specialize in detailing, paint protection film, vinyl wrapping, tinting and ceramic coating. In his more than 30 years of experience in business, Abens has pioneered in designing unique business models and software systems that has provided businesses a more streamlined process and higher customer satisfaction. Because of his extensive experience in business, marketing, and operations, Abens successfully led the strategic direction of Urable.


In addition, Abens and the team at Urable have a bigger mission, which is why they recently launched The Urstory Documentary Series to raise the professional standard of the industry by showcasing the entrepreneurs behind the featured businesses. People do business with people, and they are putting a human face on the businesses chronicled in this series. It’s also a chance for these entrepreneurs to share their Urable experiences with others in the industry to show them what’s possible.


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