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What is Urable?

Urable™ is a cloud-based car detailing business software that lets you run your business from multiple devices in real-time. It streamlines the appointment booking process, allowing you to save time, minimize mistakes, and focus better on your work.

Your clients will have a more convenient and pleasant experience. Our app will help you improve initial impressions, attract more customers, and generate more sales.

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January 23, 2023

Urstory #25 – Monarch Car Care

There are a lot of ways to approach life and work. David Haskin, the owner and operator of Monarch Car Care in Las Vegas, Nevada, and he's run his own business for 20 years! Like any long term enterprise, there have been many ups and downs, but with a steady focus on work/life balance, he and his wife managed to keep the family tight. We can all agree that running your own business is challenging. But for many, the stress is all consuming and personal relationships suffer. Sit back and listen to how David managed his personal life as a business owner.

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November 29, 2022

Urstory #24 – XTREME Detailing

Heading into the holiday season seems like a fitting time to spread some inspiration. Here is the in-depth discussion with Jeff Davis. He started XTREME Detailing after first building a carwash operation as part of a program for foster and disadvantaged kids. I can't express in strong enough terms how impressive Jeff is as a leader and role model within his community. He has transformed his life from being on the streets to commanding the boardroom. We are honored to share Jeff's entrepreneurial journey and hope others are inspired by his powerful message.

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October 25, 2022

Urstory #23 – Extreme Colors Auto Spa

Doug Payne and his team at Extreme Colors Auto Spa of Greenville have worked hard for many years to achieve their success. Like most entrepreneurial journeys, Doug's had some ups and downs along the way. But with the love and support of his family and his unwavering faith, he forged ahead to create a top tier business in the detailing and PPF industry. Enjoy listening to Doug's story and find inspiration in his focus on work/life balance and how he takes advantage of consolidated business expenses to support his passions.

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October 3, 2022

Urstory #22 – Red Clay Detailing

Yasir Waqaar may run a small business (Red Clay Detailing) but he makes a big impact. He is a role model for many in the detailing industry and goes about it in his own quiet and unassuming way. He exemplifies what it means to be an entrepreneur and has an unstoppable work ethic forged during his years as a US Marine. He's earned his spot on some of the most elite detailing teams in the country and has had the privilege of working on Air Force One and other historically significant WWII aircraft. He's a consummate professional who delivers exceptional customer service, shares his knowledge for the benefit of others in training programs but also seeks to improve himself through continual education. His roots run deep in GA, and specifically in Atlanta. If you live in Atlanta and don't know Yasir, chances are good that you know some of his extended family, as they reach into the thousands! Enjoy getting to hear how Yasir grew into the man he is today and what he hopes for his children in the future.

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August 22, 2022

Urstory #21 – Next Level Detailing

Sometimes a career finds you...if you're paying attention! Rodd Thayer of Next Level Detailing is a perfect example. He found himself in an unfulfilling job but it turned out to be the catalyst for a change in direction. The same can be said for significant illness. That is when the value of family really comes into play. With the phenomenal help from his niece, Bethany Lucia, and the training and support of The Detail Mafia, they've grown NLD into a thriving business offering both mobile and in shop jobs. The controlled environment of the shop enables the team to offer high level paint correction, ceramic coating and PPF services. It's nice to know that convenience and specialization can co-exist when the business is managed well.

Several Key Features

Online Booking

Urable offers a unique online booking process for your customers that is custom-made for the detailing industry and solves all the issues inherent with general online booking systems.

Our software for auto detailing businesses allows you to customize your services offered and configure the system to book to your business’s capacity. When used in conjunction with automated follow-up messages, the system generates repeat jobs automatically.

Automated Messaging

Automated messages sent from Urable to your customers ensure excellent communication on every job regarding scheduling, upcoming required maintenance, reviews, and much more. Each of our automotive scheduling app’s messages are personalized for your customers to enhance the personal touch.

Employee Time Tracking

Urable streamlines payroll through clock in/out functionality on a per employee basis. In addition to applying hourly wages, the system can also calculate commissions on a per line item basis and provide a real-time profit analysis for each job. Hourly wages, commissions and tips are all captured in Analytics per employee and can be selected for any given time period to match your payroll cycle.

Payment Processing

Look professional and save money with Urable’s in-person and remote credit/debit card transaction capabilities. Our automotive invoice app is like a Quickbooks for auto detailing businesses. Enjoy lower rates when using one of the interfaced Stripe or Square card readers or send your customers payable invoices to collect deposits or full payments remotely. You are able to connect an existing Stripe or Square account or create a new one.

Cross-platform Compatibility

Urable is a state-of-the-art progressive web application that is designed to run on all devices and operating systems. It is accessible to users 24/7/365 from anywhere in the world.

Customizable Branding

Urable is designed to be branded for your business. The entire user interface and all customer facing communications reflect your core branding elements.

Advanced Data Management

All the answers you need about your business, your customers and your schedule are available with a few clicks. Advanced search capabilities throughout Urable make data retrieval simple and fast.

Schedule Jobs

From simple to complex jobs, scheduling has never been easier. Single customers with multiple cars with each receiving unique services...no problem! Maintenance customers with repeating jobs...Urable has you covered!

Capture Approvals

Seamlessly send your customers branded communications with beautifully formatted quotes or invoices for their approval at any point in the job process. Include ultra high definition inspection photos with detailed notes regarding the condition of the vehicle before, during and after the job.

Increase Ratings

The automated messages sent from Urable to your customers ensure excellent communication on every job. This includes an automated, yet personalized, text or email asking for a rating/review and providing a link to do so.

Flexible plans to help grow your business

Whether you are just starting out or looking to take an existing business to the next level, there is a plan to meet the needs of any business and improve your customer's experience.


Don’t take our word for it

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"If you're a detailer, you need this app. Great for scheduling, customer reminders, and employee time tracking. The magic of course is beyond these with their inventory tracking, inspection features, and customer approvals. It went above and beyond our expectations and I'm impressed with their customer service. I'm not sure why we wasted so much time trying to make a "one scheduler fits all" program fit our business. I'm glad we made the switch."

Rising Sun Detail

Chanel C

"I have been looking for a CRM for the last 2 years (no lie). Every CRM that I had started to work with, claimed to answer all of my needs, but there was always something missing. Urable answers all of our questions and needs. Where Urable really shines is the customer support. Kris is the perfect person to have on the front lines of communication. She answers any questions you may have within 24 hours. She has made everything so easy to understand when setting up our account."

Reflection Pro Services

Ben K

"We are always looking to improve our customer experience and our teams planning. Not only does Urable do exactly that, it's the gift that keeps on giving. Overwhelmingly improved everything for both customers and staff. but the cherry on the top is the truly motivated and caring team who are there to answer your questions, listen to your ideas and help you develop the app for a totally better experience. Thank you! Would recommend it to everyone and anyone! 👏👌"

Clean Detail/Wrap Guard

Nick M

"If you're a small business, get it. If you're a big business, get it. So many important features. Some you know you need and then you learn about the others and say WOW I can do that!?!? 🤯 Set your business apart by improving the customer experience. Just the automatic follow up text asking for customer reviews has increased my google reviews by 40%!! 💪 There tech support is incredible 😎"

Christian Soldiers Auto Detailing

Johnathan A

"If you run a detail shop and ARE NOT using Urable for your database, you should really try out the free trial. It’s so user friendly it’s incredible. You can add/manage almost every aspect of your operation. I spent the last two years trying to find a good system that encompasses the entirety of my process and this does that and more!"


Ian K

"This app definitely exceeded my expectations. I love to utilize the best tools possible when it comes to running my business. This software literally has everything you need to run a successful and profitable detailing business. The greatest part about this company is not just the app itself, but the customer service. They have always answered any questions I’ve had and kept me updated on any new features coming out."

Pro Care Auto Spa

Dustin G

"So I just want to say, Urable has been a heck of an investment for my business. My customers have noticed and appreciate the system. I have absolutely been blown away by the responsiveness to all my peculiar needs (If anyone has had to deal with me, you know what I mean) and helping me save so much time where I can focus back on my customers and business. Finally,..their responsiveness to their community is STELLAR. Cannot recommend it all enough."

Dayton Detailing

Chris C

"Well simply put....best investment I have ever made! Yes in the over $1M I have invested into the company over the last 4 years this has topped them all tenfold. Urable has transformed my company in so many ways. Just converted my other companies scheduling/billing/integration system over to Urable. Honestly, if they had a system I could integrate my personal life into, I’d use it lol. Soooooo long story short...sign up for the $100/month and get ready for your life to be simplified and your business to be streamlined."

Menard’s Premium Detailing

Grant M

"I came from a different service and decided to give this a shot. Since it was geared towards the automotive industry. I didn’t have to make some generic app work for my needs. This was designed to help with every aspect from the initial inspection to invoicing. Best app for our industry!! I absolutely love this program. Has completely changed the way I do things. I keep getting compliments on the appointment notification texts. People love it! Keep up the good work, also customer service is beyond amazing."

Cape Cod Auto Spa

Stephen L