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Leadership Series #2 – Renny Doyle

Renny Doyle. The name carries a lot of weight when it’s mentioned in detailing industry circles. Most respect him, some envy him, many are intimidated by him. He has created a presence that is undeniable in the industry. He’s moved the entire industry forward through his individual efforts at The IDA, The Detail Mafia, P&S Products, Dynabrade, Detailing Success Training and Mentoring, forming the Motorlux Official Detailing Team and creating, fostering and supporting the Air Force One Detailing Team. It is safe to say, this man never rests! But for all his achievements, he credits the people around him, and those that came before him, for all his success.

Like most people who achieve at a high level, there were plenty of tough times and some regrets along the way. Being raised without a father leaves a mark that is difficult to predict how it manifests as we mature and become parents ourselves. With no blueprint to follow, we often fall back on core beliefs and survival skills. Renny describes himself as a “push forward” type of person versus a nurturing person. That may have been true when he was younger and trying to figure out adulthood and parenthood but it is not true from what we’ve seen. Renny’s north star is rooted in creating unique opportunities for others that enable them to succeed beyond what they thought possible. His brand of nurturing has created some of the most tight knit relationships in the industry. If you are bold enough to enter his circle, opportunities await. But be ready to put in the work…and most of that work, is work on yourself and your mindset.

Sit back and relax for a bit and get to know the man beyond the myth. Speaking for the entire Urable and Cinescope teams, we thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Renny better and hope this Leadership Series helps someone in need of hearing its message. Enjoy!

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