About Urable

Abens Solutions, LLC is a software development firm focused on creating business solutions for niche oriented businesses. Michael Abens (Owner and CEO) leads the company and brings 30 years of business experience and systems design to the table. Kyle Abens is the firm’s Co-Founder and EVP, Software Design and Engineering, and Kris Abens is the Co-Founder and EVP, Business Development and Marketing. Together, they combine their unique skills to gather target market insight, and then, design and develop business systems tailor-made to address that market’s needs. Urable™ is the company’s commercial brand and is specifically designed and built to address the needs of the automotive detailing community. The Abens family’s values are apparent in everything associated with Urable. Integrity, honesty and strong community service are hallmarks that underpin the “Urable experience”. The system will continue to evolve through continuous user feedback and a relentless pursuit of perfection by the team.

Owner and CEO

Michael Abens

Michael has an extensive business background spanning over 30 years across multiple industries. He has been a catalyst for transformational change in every business he’s been a part of by employing a simple model…Listen - Strategize - Execute. As an entrepreneur, he helped create and grow Pentec Health, Inc. into the largest provider of intrathecal drug therapy in the United States. He and his brother created CoumaCareSM, a software system that revolutionized the field of anticoagulation. And now, with the help of his two adult children, he’s set his sights on transforming the automotive detailing industry with the introduction of Urable; a custom software application that enhances the professional image of the business and creates an unexpectedly professional experience for customers. He has executive-level experience that includes Senior Management, Business Development, Sales, Marketing, Systems Design, Outcomes Research, Health Economics and cGMP Operations.

EVP, Business Development and Marketing

Kris Abens

Kris is a co-founder of the company and entrepreneur with a background in medical sales, business development and systems design. She excels at synthesizing customer-driven insight with high-end software design. She leads the company’s growth initiatives and customer service operations. Her exposure to the methodologies of LEAN and Six Sigma give her unique insight into strategies needed to streamline operations. She is a co-designer of Urable and a huge asset to the company and the markets it serves.

EVP, Software Design and Engineering

Kyle Abens

Kyle is a co-founder of the company and responsible for all software design and development at Abens Solutions, LLC. The wildly successful commercial application, Urable, is his creation with design assistance from the rest of the team. He has worked for small start-ups, building systems from the ground up and large multinational corporations where he focused on improving existing business processes, as well as introducing entirely new systems that dramatically improved operational efficiency on a global scale. His career has allowed him to merge his skills in Graphic Design with front-end and back-end software and web development. He is uniquely able to create aesthetically pleasing and simple User Interfaces that incorporate complex “under the hood” logic to streamline business processes and improve the utility of captured data.

Account Executive

Taylor Quain

Taylor is a former special education teacher eagerly anticipating the shift into entrepreneurialism and the world of software development. After receiving her teaching degree from the University of Illinois, Taylor taught for six years before seizing the opportunity to join the Urable team. She enjoys making connections with others and believes that leading with kindness is the key to a strong and positive professional relationship. Her quick mind (and wit), combined with her excellent communication and interpersonal skills will be an asset in her new role.

Brand Ambassador

Grant Menard

Grant is an entrepreneur who owns multiple businesses in the automotive space. His business journey began just out of Penn State University when he took a job in the pharmaceutical industry. During that time, he worked as an Account Executive for three medical journals in the Managed Care space. He garnered the skills necessary for expedited growth and took the main journal from Top 20 to number 1 in just under 18 months. Grant attributes his success to a simple belief: “Relationships come first, business comes second.” At the end of the day, Grant’s true North Star is giving back and helping others create powerful breakthroughs. He contributes his passion and expertise to marketing and PR initiatives for the company.