November 21, 2023

Leadership Series #2 – Renny Doyle

Renny Doyle. The name carries a lot of weight when it’s mentioned in detailing industry circles. Most respect him, some envy him, many are intimidated by him. He has created a presence that is undeniable in the industry. He’s moved the entire industry forward through his individual efforts at The IDA, The Detail Mafia, P&S… Continue reading Leadership Series #2 – Renny Doyle

June 29, 2022

Leadership Series #1 – Barry Theal

Some people naturally aspire to be leaders, while others become leaders through good deeds and longevity. Barry has done it all in the detailing industry, and because of that heritage, has ascended to a leadership position in the industry. But in his words, he’d rather be recognized “more as a servant of the industry versus… Continue reading Leadership Series #1 – Barry Theal